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Our local beaches are like an outdoor Spa

People who experience our warm coastal waters say we are like an outdoor spa!

Bring a cozi and a towel, relax and enjoy until the sun goes down. Bring plenty of suntan creams.

Treat your whole family

Take a walk on the wild side at our famous local game park. Call for bookings.

Shopping and fun

Browse the best shops in the area, get pampered, indulge in the latest cosmetics, fashion, restaurants, all while your kids get a chance to play in the same area locally.

Marine Beauty


Book now for your trip and witness the amazing sea life and oceanic warmth at the Bay World Ocenarium

Shopping Malls

Bay West, the best shopping mall this side of Cape Town, rivaling some of the best experiences in Johannesburg. All the latest fashion, beauty treatments, and a foodie paradise.

With so much to see and do in this this area of South Africa, you will have an amazing time together

Nearby Attractions

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